Main menu

Most of applications have main menu and toolbar. Main menu contains all application commands and functions. Toolbar contains frequently used commands and functions. Main application window Events dispatching also contains status bar with accounts current status.

Main menu and toolbar

Main menu, toolbar and status bar from Events dispatching window are shown on image.

Main menu consist of following drop down menus:  File, Edit, View, Applications, Tools, Window and Help. Clicking on menu name, drop down menu shows up.

Menu File contains commands for new data entry, existing data editing, data importing and exporting in xml format, page setup, print previewing, printing and leaving current window or entire application.

Main menu - File    Main menu - Edit

Menu Edit contains commands for editing, selecting and searching...

Menu View contains commands for filtering and refreshing list records and also list font size command. Depending on application View menu may contain additional commands. For example; Events dispatching window, View menu contains additional command for switching on and off upper list of untreated alarm messages.

Main menu - View    Main menu - Applications

Menu Applications contains list of installed applications available to user.

Menu Tools contains commands for setting application properties and application dependant commands. For example; Events dispatching window, Tools menu contains additional command Receiver Monitor which launches concurent application which displays current status of background service that receives alarm messages from alarm receiver.

Main menu - Tools  Main menu - Window

Menu Window contains commands for showing and hiding current window and all launched software suite applications.

Grupa "Pomoć" sadrži naredbe za prikaz korisničkih uputstva, pregled licenčnih podataka sa popisom instaliranih aplikacija, upute za postavljanje upita i ostvarivanje tehničke podrške te informacije o verziji aplikacije.

Main menu - Help