Context menus

Selected commands can be launched from context menus. Context menu for table column may be shown on any table column by right mouse click on column header as on following image:

Context menu   

Table column context menu commands
Auto width Automatically sets selected column width to minimal required width.
Hide column Hides selected column.
Show all columns Shows all hidden columns.

Shows dialog box with table columns properties. All shown columns are checkmarked.

Table columns properties dialog box is shown in following image. It allows setting visibility of all columns at once and table font size as well.

Context menus - grid properties

Next standard context menu contains table data related commands. On following image is shown alarm messages table context menu. Analogous to previous context menu, alarm messages table context menu will be displayed after right mouse click anywhere within selected alarm message row.

Context menu - data tables

Table data context menus are different from one to another data table. Those context menues will not be described in details as they contains frequently used commands from each application main menu and toolbox.