Launching application

At first launch, IIT Discovery application may ask you following information:

  • language selection,
  • database connection parameters,
  • your company and your personal information,
  • activation key.

More information about ditto may be found in chapter: Installation - Launching application for first time.

Main IIT Discovery application window provides following functionallity:

  • alarm messages preview and dispatching,
  • alarm messages filtering and searching,
  • filtered alarm messages printout,
  • detailed information preview and alarm messages dispatching for selected account,
  • launching other software suite applications,
  • software suite parameters management,
  • operator (user) information and privileges management, ...

Operator login

At IIT Discovery program launch, central station operator (software user) have to authenticate itself. Using user login dialog, username and password must be entered as follows.

User login

Main menu item File ⇒ Change Operator also displays dialog for operator (software user) authentication and it's usefull at central station shift change.

By clicking on Login button new operator login request is validated. By clicking on Cancel button current operator remains active. Active operator name is visible on status bar at the bottom of events dispatching main window as on following picture where active operator name is; IIT Discovery.

Active operator

Whenever an event is manually treated or any other data was changed, information about date, time and operator is also saved. With no active operator, it's not possible to manually treat events or change any other data.

Operator logout

Current operator logout command is in main menu item File ⇒ Logout Operator. With no active operator, status bar looks like on following picture.

Logout operator

Operator logout command is used in special events when there is no operators in central station room which is common case when software is installed at end user premises.

Operators may also be switched with events dispatching window toolbar Operator button.