Software suites

IIT Discovery software suite has three basic variations:

Basic variations
Variation Description
OEM For delivery only with new alarm receiver. Can't be extended with additional applications. Functionality may vary from supplier to supplier and country.
Standard Standard version with single line PSTN alarm receiver licence.
Professional Extended standard version with two line PSTN alarm receiver licence.

Software suite variation may contain following applications:

IIT Discovery applications
IIT Events processing Primary application for textual visualization and processing of alarm messages.
IIT Address book Accounts, owners, users, security companies, installers and other addresses management application.
IIT Accounts Supervised accounts and associated security systems management application.
IIT Scheduler Supervised accounts status verification, scheduled background anaysis execution, scheduled database backup, ...
IIT Analysis Alarm messages anatysis, supervised accouns status change snalysis, ...
IIT Reports Semi-automated alarm messages periodical reports production and dispatching.
IIT Reports@Net Automated alarm messages reporting via e-mail and SMS messages.
IIT GeoPlan Supervised account graphical preentation on vectorised map (local Microsoft MapPoint application or Internet account is required).
IIT Synchronization Database synchronization with remote secondary server.